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Rigid PCB

Rigid printed circuit board capability,   ...


Rigid Flexible PCB

Rigid flex printed circuit board capability,   ...


Flexible PCB

Flexible printed circuit board capability, ...


Advanced Equipments

Advanced Equipments, production equipments for PCB, circuit board test instruments pre treatment line automat...


Technical Road Map

Technical Route Map, high technology, high end PCB, high multilayer printed circuit board, HDI pcb     ...


1 Hours promptly Quote
4 Hours promptly Engineering
24 Hours for 2 layer
2-5 Days for 4-20 layer
6-10 Days for 22+ layers
7*24 Hours online customer service

Flexible PCB up to 12 layer

Rigid Circuit Boards up to 48 layer

Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards up to 36 layer

Metal core printed circuit board 1-6 W/MK

High Density(HDI)Circuit Boards(Max 4 ranks)
Plant 1 add: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Plant 2 add: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

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Contact: Shawn Wang

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