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Advanced Equipments

Advanced Equipments, production equipments for PCB, circuit board test instruments

pre treatment line

automatic exposure machine&

1000 class clean room

AutomaticLaminating Machine 

laser drill Machine

mechanical drill Machine

plating through hole line

pattern plating line

automatic E-Spray coater &

1000 class clean room

CNC V-CUT machine

CNC routing machine


video inspection and 

measurement system


1 Hours promptly Quote
4 Hours promptly Engineering
24 Hours for 2 layer
2-5 Days for 4-20 layer
6-10 Days for 22+ layers
7*24 Hours online customer service

Flexible PCB up to 12 layer

Rigid Circuit Boards up to 48 layer

Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards up to 36 layer

Metal core printed circuit board 1-6 W/MK

High Density(HDI)Circuit Boards(Max 4 ranks)
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Plant 2 add: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

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Contact: Shawn Wang

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